Support Narrow Perspective

The bananas don't come for free.

Jimmy Deignan on www.railroadkits.com has been very kind for the past year to host the initial Narrow Perspective. However, the domain registration belongs to me. And, I would like to eventually offload the content from Jimmy's servers to make room for him to make money :-) Thus, I've added a link on the sidebar to Amazon.com.

When you type in your search tems and hit the "Go!" button over on the right, you'll get results from Amazon.com related to your keyword. If you end up purchasing any items from your search, Narrow Perspective gets a modest (modest is the key word) referral fee and you get your goodies from Amazon.com. Everyone is happy.

Anyway, think of it as a means to support this effort to bring model railroading goodness to all mankind.. and womankind as well since toy trains are not just for boys.

That's all I have to say about that.

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