2018 Model Contest Winners

2018 NNGC Model Contest winners

Motive Power - Rod Locomotive

3rd - Bill Meredith

2nd - Bill Scobie

1st - Pete Watson

Motive Power - Gear Locomotive

2nd - Gerald Harper

1st - Chuck Lind

Motive Power - Internal Combustion

3rd - Jim Burchell

2nd - John Ehresmann

1st - Pete Watson

Rolling Stock - Caboose

3rd - John R. Hotvet

2nd - Al Collins

1st - Larry Diehl

Rolling Stock - Revenue Freight Car

3rd - Jim Zeren

2nd - Bill Meredith

1st - Dan Stenger

Rolling Stock - Passenger Car

1st - Bob Harper

Rolling Stock - Logging Car

2nd - Don Railton

1st - Thomas Atherton

Rolling Stock - Special Equipment

3rd - Chuck Lind

2nd - Thomas Atherton

1st - Jeff Boock

Rolling Stock - Maintenance-Of-Way

3rd - Jim Trowbridge

2nd - Peter Smith

1st - Thomas Atherton

Favorite Train

3rd - Larry Edwards

2nd - Hugh Blamey

1st - Jim Burchell

Structures - On-Line

3rd - Bill Obenauf

2nd - John Ehresmann

1st - Al Collins

Structures Off-Line

3rd - Don Railton

2nd - Jim Kulchar

1st - Sam Swanson

Dioramas - On-Line

3rd - Jim Kulchar

2nd - Robert A. Shields

1st - Eduardo Romo

Dioramas - Off-Line

2nd - Jim Burchell

1st - Chuck Lind


3rd - Clarke O’Byrne

2nd - Marvin Kasteiner

1st - Jim Burchell

Modular Layout

3rd - Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers

2nd - John Ehresmann

1st - MLM Group

Square Footer

3rd - Al Collins

2nd - Jim Burchell

1st - Eduardo Romo

Youth Modeler (Under 18)

1st - Joshua Yoakam


1st - Jim Burchell

Photo Prototype - Color

3rd - Martin Pirnat

2nd - Herb Koenig

1st - Bill Jolitz

Photo Prototype - B&W

3rd - Brian Kelly

2nd - Daniel Raap

1st - Jeff Boock

Photo Model - Color

3rd - Bob Walker

2nd - Lori Flom

1st - Kenneth Ehlers

Photo Model - B&W

3rd - Bob Walker

2nd - Martin Pirnat

1st - Kenneth Ehlers

Special Awards

Midwood Memorial Award - Sam Swanson

Bachmann H. Lee Riley Memorial On30 Award - John Ehresman

Bachmann H. Lee Riley Memorial Large Scale Award - Dan Stengel

Fantasonics Engineering Award - Jim Burchell

Gazette Award - Robert A. Shields

Best Of Show - Sam Swanson

Congratulations to all the winners.

Visiting friends’ layouts

Perhpas one of my favorite activities at the convention is to vivist the home layouts that are on tour during the convention. I was fortunate to visit the layouts of several friends’ layouts at this convention. Over the years I’ve developed friendships with many that regualrly attend the convention year-after-year. It was a pleasure to visit these fellows’ layouts.

2018 National Narrow Convention underway

It’s been a while but I am finally able to get back in the narrow gauge groove. The 2018 National Narrow Gauge Convention is underway. So far there has been a steam excursion and the model contest room was opened for entries. Meanwhile the vendor room is full of activity and many modular layouts are on display for convention goers. Clinics are keeping attendees up-to-date with the latest in the hobby.

I’ll have photos of the models soon.

Jaime E. Zepeda 2012 - 2018