Contest Room Photos

I've began to post photos of the models found in the contest room. You can view them by following this link:

2013 NNGC Contest Room

2013 Model Contest Winners

This is a listing of the model contest winners. I'll have photos later once I've gotten it all sorted out.

Best Of Show

Bob Poli

Color Prototype Photo

3rd Place - Barry Dupler
2nd Place - Janice Dupler
1st Place - Chris Stark

Color Model Photo

3rd Place - Bob Treat
2nd Place - Pat Latorres
1st Place - Michael McClure

B&W Prototype Photo

3rd Place - David Fritsche
2nd Place - Micahel McClure
1st Place - Bob Treat

B&W Model Photo

3rd Place - Verne Niner
2nd Place - Michael McClure
1st Place - Bob Treat

Youth Award

1st Place - Tyler Virga


3rd Place - Mike Engler
2nd Place - Chris Kerbrat
1st Place - Doug Ramos


3rd Place - Chris Brennand
2nd Place - Frank Markovich
1st Place - Kevin Barnett

Favorite Train

3rd Place - Charles Morones
2nd Place - Verne Niner
1st Place - Chris Stark

Maintenance of Way

3rd Place - Verne Niner
2nd Place - John Bouman
1st Place - Mike Gray

Special Equipment

3rd Place - Ted Crosby
2nd Place - Chris Kerbrat
1st Place - Frank Markovich

Logging Rail Equipment

3rd Place - Jeffrey Landau
2nd Place - Micahel Yendrejczyk
1st Place - Bob Poli

Passenger Car

2nd Place - Mike Gray
1st Place - Dale Angeli

Freight Car

3rd Place - Emmett Boannan
2nd Place - Ray Saddler
1st Place - Dale Angeli


3rd Place - Dale Angeli
2nd Place - Mick Mognard
1st Place - Pete Watson

Motive Power - Internal Combustion

3rd Place - Bob Poli
2nd Place - Dan Kamikubo
1st Place - Joe Hendrickson

Geared Loco

3rd Place - Victor Smith
2nd Place - Phillip Floyd
1st Place - Bob Poli

Rod Loco

3rd Place - John Bouman
2nd Place - Jeff Taylor
1st Place - Bill Herkey

Best of Show

The convention is over and I need to gather all the photos I've made and updte the site. In the meantime here is a photo of the contest entry that took Best of Show. The model was scratch built by Bob Poli. Congratualtions!

ContestRoomLocomotives DSC 9978

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