And the winners are…..

Thanks to Kent Hurley and the 2014 NNGC volunteers I was able to procure a list of the contest winners. I’ll identify the winnig models later. Meanwhile here is a listing of the winners. Congratulationst to all!


Black & White Model

3rdPlace Steve Harris - view of train through goose window

2nd Place Michael McClure - #60 brings in work train with steam shovel

1st Place Kenneth Ehlers - RGS #42 at San Miguel Canyon

Black & White Prototype

3rdPlaceDonna Walker - stock extra double header at sunrise

2nd Place Michael McClure - engine 481 Durango and Silverton RR on way to Silverton

1st Place Martin Pirnot - gondola at Silverton railyard

Color Model

3rd Place Ron Morse - four o'clock train to Silver Plume

2nd Place Michael McClure - Big Bertha Mine

1st Place Kenneth Ehlers - RGS # 42 at Mattherhorn Hill

Color Prototype

3rd Place Jeff Book - #487 at Chama coaling tower

2nd Place Ron Morse - Durango Silverton narrow gauge engine #482 at Silveron

1st Place Kevin Sherrow - #487 departing Chama, NM yard


Rod Locomotive

3rd Place Pete Watson - logging 2-4-4-2 in F scale

2nd Place Jim Barron - Yeon & Pelton 0-4-2Tin F scale

1st Place Art Midwood - proposed Baldwin articulated for D&RGW in O scale

Geared Locomotive

3rd Place Bill Meredith - Argentine Central #1 in S scale

2nd Place Jim Allen - On3 single truck Shay

1st Place Chuck Lind - Hungry Horse Timber Shay in O scale

Internal Combustion

3rd Place Raymond Hoppes - Army 4700 Nin HOn3

2nd Place Sam Swanson - On3 Whitcombe locomotive

1st Place Don Railton - Rehab of USX Switcher in 1/24 scale

Freight Car

3rd Place Robert Stears - 1883 D&RG reefer #119

2nd Place Robert Stears - Golden Circle dump cars #033 and #037

1st Place Thomas Atherton - Indian Spring Vinegar tank car

Maintenance of Way

3rd Place Pete Watson - Mack backwoods fire truck

2nd Place Hans Hirblinger - telegraph service train

1st Place Pat Harriman - OCM&T On30 plow flanger #9


3rd Place Ken Berlo - Sn3 RGC caboose 0403

2nd Place Jim Kulchar - Towle Bros. Lumber Company

1st Place Pat Harriman - OCM&T tool caboose #5

Passenger Car

3rd Place Paul Richardson - Purgatory & Devil River #226

2nd Place Jim Kulchar - Twiggs Lumber Company

1st Place Ross Ames - PC&N Rwy. combine #1

Favorite Train

3rd Place Richard Ferrara - 0-4-0T loco and sugar cane flat car

2nd Place John Short - "Alamosa Wrecker" derrick OP and support equipment

1st Place Don Railton - backwoods On30

Logging Equipment

3rd Place Jeff Large - logging disconnects with pole load

2nd Place John Niemeyer - West Side log car #12

1st Place John Niemeyer - West Side log car #13


3rd Place Gerald Harper - Knob Hill Mine

2nd Place Len Eberwein - stamp mill

1st Place Don Railton - abandoned car shed 1/24


3rd Place Larry Diehl - icing platform, Spoon Lake and chicken feed processing

2nd Place Bill Obenauf - Twin Mills sawmill

1st Place Mike Engler - Camp Chambers logging camp


1st Place Maple Leaf Mafia - Dolores, Colorado

Special Equipment

3rd Place Thomas Atherton - Little River Logging flat C16 wheels donkey moving

2nd Place Thomas Atherton - 3 drum loading donkey on sled

1st Place Jeff Book - 5 steam donkeys (S Scale)

Square Foot

3rd Place Larry Patch - 1/4" scale Plasticville trailer house

2nd Place Donna Walker - rescue of abandoned locomotive by museum group

1st Place Don Railton - depression era filling station Sinclair


2nd Place Donald Bronec - Nn3 Montana Southern layout

1st Place Jim Schulz - longhorn revolt


Sabrea Trembly - New Mexico modules

Best Sound

Jim Schulz - longhorn revolt

Best In Show

Mike Engler - Camp Chambers logging camp

Jaime E. Zepeda 2012 - 2018