2016 NNGC winner

The Winners

Best of Show

Leslie Davis

B&W Model Photographs

3rd Place - Peter Barney

2nd Place - Dan Wolschon

1st Place - Chuck Lind

B&W Prototype Photographs

3rd Place - Raymond Walter

2nd Place - Jeff Boock

1st Place - Matthew Malkiewicz

Color Model Photographs

3rd Place - William Hobbs

2nd Place - Barry Dupler

1st Place - Dale Kreutzer

Color Prototype Photographs

3rd Place - Jeff Boock

2nd Place - Ted Wiese

1st Place - Jeff Schumaker

Rod Locomotives

3rd Place - David Woodhead

2nd Place - Allan Houghton

1st Place - Ross Ames

Geared Locomotive

3rd Place - Tom Bowdler

2nd Place Peter Watson

1st Place - Gerald Styles

Internal Combustion Motive Power

3rd Place - Phillip Raynes

2nd Place - Jim Burchell

1st Place - Allen Littlefield


3rd Place - Peter Dawson

2nd Place - Bob Bennett

1st Place - Thomas Nugent

Freight Car

3rd Place - Eric Green

2nd Place - Rob Teates

1st Place - Dan Stenger

Passenger Car

3rd Place - Bob Bennett

2nd Place - Pete Watson

1st Place - Grant Knowles

Logging Rail Equipment

3rd Place - Sam Swanson

2nd Place - Peter Hoehn

1st Place - Jerry Bohlander

Special Equipment

3rd Place - Daniel McClary

2nd Place - Richard Holman

1st Place - Jeff Young

Maintenance of Way

3rd Place - Sandy Alonzo

2nd Place - Ed Fillion

1st Place - Michael Tierney

Favorite Train

3rd Place - Tim Fillion

2nd Place - Allen Littlefield

1st Place - Allan Houghton


3rd Place - Roland Picard

2nd Place - Sam Swanson

1st Place - Don Railton


3rd Place - David Zolnierek

2nd Place - Terry Stapleton

1st Place - Leslie Davis


3rd Place - Maple Leaf Mafia

2nd Place - Narrow Minded Guys from Maine

1st Place - Soggy Bottom Boys

Square Footer

3rd Place - Mark Warner

2nd Place - Jim Burchell

1st Place - Mike Engler


Allan Houghton

Jaime E. Zepeda 2012 - 2018