2017 NNNGC Winners

The winers of the model contest are as follows:

Best of Show

Chuck Lind

Motive Power - Rod Locomotive

3rd - Austin Goodwin

2nd - John Campbell

1st - Dan Pyzel

Motive Power - Geared Locomotive

3rd - Gary Nichols

2nd - John Doig

1st - Don Niday

Motive Power - Other

3rd - Mark Allen

2nd - Jim Schulz

1st - John Doig


3rd - Stan Rhine

2nd - Frank Markovich

1st - Barry Bogs

Revenue Freight Car

3rd - Alan Badham

2nd - Jim Chiddix

1st - Stan Rhine

Passenger Car

3rd - Ken Ehlers

2nd - Austin Goodwin

1st - Dan Stuettgen

Logging Car

3rd - Dennis Rever

2nd - Mark Allen

1st - Jim Wanlass

Special Equipment

3rd - Pete Doty

2nd - Frank Markovich

1st - Dennis Rever

Maintenance of Way

3rd - John Robinson

2nd - Alan Badham

1st - Barry Bogs

Complete Train

3rd - Jim Wanlass

2nd - Steven Bradley

1st - Edward Schaenzer


3rd - Laurie McLean

2nd - Laurie McLean

1st - John Ereshmann

Structure - On Line

3rd - Craig Linn

2nd - Dan Abbott

1st - Chuck Lind

Structure - Off Line

3rd - Don Railton

2nd - Bob Walker

1st - Doug Ramos

Diorama - On Line

3rd - Larry Diehl

2nd - Alan Hubbard

3rd - Len Eberwein

Diorama - Off Line

3rd - Jack Afinson

2nd - David Zolnierek

1st - John Campbell

Square Footer

3rd - Steven Frediani

2nd - Edward Schaenzel

1st - Mike Engler

Individual Module

3rd - Cheryl Lavender

2nd - Don Bailey

1st - Mark Allen

Modular Layout

3rd - HOn3 Mudhens

2nd - HOn3 Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers

1st - HOn3 New Mexico Narrow Gauge Model Club

Photo - B&W Model

3rd - Ed Schaenzer

2nd - Chuck Lind

1st - Ken Ehlers

Photo - Color Model

3rd - Michael Oilfisch

2nd - Andreas Becker

1st - Ken Ehlers

Photo - B&W Prototype

3rd - Martin Pirnat

2nd - Ed Walton

1st - Kevin Sherrow

Photo - Color Prototype

3rd - Samuel Howard

2nd - Martin Pirnat

1st - Ron Fleckal

2016 NNGC winner

The Winners

Best of Show

Leslie Davis

B&W Model Photographs

3rd Place - Peter Barney

2nd Place - Dan Wolschon

1st Place - Chuck Lind

B&W Prototype Photographs

3rd Place - Raymond Walter

2nd Place - Jeff Boock

1st Place - Matthew Malkiewicz

Color Model Photographs

3rd Place - William Hobbs

2nd Place - Barry Dupler

1st Place - Dale Kreutzer

Color Prototype Photographs

3rd Place - Jeff Boock

2nd Place - Ted Wiese

1st Place - Jeff Schumaker

Rod Locomotives

3rd Place - David Woodhead

2nd Place - Allan Houghton

1st Place - Ross Ames

Geared Locomotive

3rd Place - Tom Bowdler

2nd Place Peter Watson

1st Place - Gerald Styles

Internal Combustion Motive Power

3rd Place - Phillip Raynes

2nd Place - Jim Burchell

1st Place - Allen Littlefield


3rd Place - Peter Dawson

2nd Place - Bob Bennett

1st Place - Thomas Nugent

Freight Car

3rd Place - Eric Green

2nd Place - Rob Teates

1st Place - Dan Stenger

Passenger Car

3rd Place - Bob Bennett

2nd Place - Pete Watson

1st Place - Grant Knowles

Logging Rail Equipment

3rd Place - Sam Swanson

2nd Place - Peter Hoehn

1st Place - Jerry Bohlander

Special Equipment

3rd Place - Daniel McClary

2nd Place - Richard Holman

1st Place - Jeff Young

Maintenance of Way

3rd Place - Sandy Alonzo

2nd Place - Ed Fillion

1st Place - Michael Tierney

Favorite Train

3rd Place - Tim Fillion

2nd Place - Allen Littlefield

1st Place - Allan Houghton


3rd Place - Roland Picard

2nd Place - Sam Swanson

1st Place - Don Railton


3rd Place - David Zolnierek

2nd Place - Terry Stapleton

1st Place - Leslie Davis


3rd Place - Maple Leaf Mafia

2nd Place - Narrow Minded Guys from Maine

1st Place - Soggy Bottom Boys

Square Footer

3rd Place - Mark Warner

2nd Place - Jim Burchell

1st Place - Mike Engler


Allan Houghton

And the winners are…..

Thanks to Kent Hurley and the 2014 NNGC volunteers I was able to procure a list of the contest winners. I’ll identify the winnig models later. Meanwhile here is a listing of the winners. Congratulationst to all!


Black & White Model

3rdPlace Steve Harris - view of train through goose window

2nd Place Michael McClure - #60 brings in work train with steam shovel

1st Place Kenneth Ehlers - RGS #42 at San Miguel Canyon

Black & White Prototype

3rdPlaceDonna Walker - stock extra double header at sunrise

2nd Place Michael McClure - engine 481 Durango and Silverton RR on way to Silverton

1st Place Martin Pirnot - gondola at Silverton railyard

Color Model

3rd Place Ron Morse - four o'clock train to Silver Plume

2nd Place Michael McClure - Big Bertha Mine

1st Place Kenneth Ehlers - RGS # 42 at Mattherhorn Hill

Color Prototype

3rd Place Jeff Book - #487 at Chama coaling tower

2nd Place Ron Morse - Durango Silverton narrow gauge engine #482 at Silveron

1st Place Kevin Sherrow - #487 departing Chama, NM yard


Rod Locomotive

3rd Place Pete Watson - logging 2-4-4-2 in F scale

2nd Place Jim Barron - Yeon & Pelton 0-4-2Tin F scale

1st Place Art Midwood - proposed Baldwin articulated for D&RGW in O scale

Geared Locomotive

3rd Place Bill Meredith - Argentine Central #1 in S scale

2nd Place Jim Allen - On3 single truck Shay

1st Place Chuck Lind - Hungry Horse Timber Shay in O scale

Internal Combustion

3rd Place Raymond Hoppes - Army 4700 Nin HOn3

2nd Place Sam Swanson - On3 Whitcombe locomotive

1st Place Don Railton - Rehab of USX Switcher in 1/24 scale

Freight Car

3rd Place Robert Stears - 1883 D&RG reefer #119

2nd Place Robert Stears - Golden Circle dump cars #033 and #037

1st Place Thomas Atherton - Indian Spring Vinegar tank car

Maintenance of Way

3rd Place Pete Watson - Mack backwoods fire truck

2nd Place Hans Hirblinger - telegraph service train

1st Place Pat Harriman - OCM&T On30 plow flanger #9


3rd Place Ken Berlo - Sn3 RGC caboose 0403

2nd Place Jim Kulchar - Towle Bros. Lumber Company

1st Place Pat Harriman - OCM&T tool caboose #5

Passenger Car

3rd Place Paul Richardson - Purgatory & Devil River #226

2nd Place Jim Kulchar - Twiggs Lumber Company

1st Place Ross Ames - PC&N Rwy. combine #1

Favorite Train

3rd Place Richard Ferrara - 0-4-0T loco and sugar cane flat car

2nd Place John Short - "Alamosa Wrecker" derrick OP and support equipment

1st Place Don Railton - backwoods On30

Logging Equipment

3rd Place Jeff Large - logging disconnects with pole load

2nd Place John Niemeyer - West Side log car #12

1st Place John Niemeyer - West Side log car #13


3rd Place Gerald Harper - Knob Hill Mine

2nd Place Len Eberwein - stamp mill

1st Place Don Railton - abandoned car shed 1/24


3rd Place Larry Diehl - icing platform, Spoon Lake and chicken feed processing

2nd Place Bill Obenauf - Twin Mills sawmill

1st Place Mike Engler - Camp Chambers logging camp


1st Place Maple Leaf Mafia - Dolores, Colorado

Special Equipment

3rd Place Thomas Atherton - Little River Logging flat C16 wheels donkey moving

2nd Place Thomas Atherton - 3 drum loading donkey on sled

1st Place Jeff Book - 5 steam donkeys (S Scale)

Square Foot

3rd Place Larry Patch - 1/4" scale Plasticville trailer house

2nd Place Donna Walker - rescue of abandoned locomotive by museum group

1st Place Don Railton - depression era filling station Sinclair


2nd Place Donald Bronec - Nn3 Montana Southern layout

1st Place Jim Schulz - longhorn revolt


Sabrea Trembly - New Mexico modules

Best Sound

Jim Schulz - longhorn revolt

Best In Show

Mike Engler - Camp Chambers logging camp

Slow progress

I’m slowly uploading more and more of the contest room entries. I hope to get them all done and then I’ll feature the winners. I’m tryting to procure a list of the winners’ names.

The contest room photos are going up

I am slowly finding time to upload the contest room photos I made while at the show.

A big thanks to Kent Hurley for making it possible for me to make the contest room photos.

It flew by quickly

I’d intended to update the blog as the convention progresses but I was not able to do so. It was a good show. The convention committee announced there were about 1,500 in attendance. There was a bid by Minneapolis, MN to host the 2018 convention and by Sacramento, CA to host the 2019 convention. The 2020 convention will be hosted by St. Louis, MO.

As I decompress from the experience I’ll update the site and post photos of the show. I managed to get photos of all the contest entries.

Congratulations to Mike Engler for winning Best Of Show with a Railroad Camp from Sierra West Scale Models.

Learn something new at the clinics

There are many clinics to choose from while at the convention. Often well-recognized authors and leaders in the model railroad hobby conduct clinics during the convention. Cinic topics range from prototype narrow gauge railroad practices to modeling techniques and methods. Vendors also teach how to use their products. The NNGC is a great place to learn new modeling techniques.

Here is a link to the list of clinics for the 2014 convention:
- 2014 National Narrow Gauge Convention clinic schedule

The contest room never disappoints

One of the highlights of each convention for me is the contest room. I enjoy seeing all the great models and photographs brought in each year. The winners are chosen by popular vote.

The link below describes the contest at the Kansas City NNGC:
- 2014 NNGC Contest

Be sure to stop by the contest room at the 2014 NNGC and cast your vote for your favorite.

The 2014 convention is near

It won’t be long before the 2014 Kanas City/Overland Park convention will be here.

I’m getting ready for the show and will be posting photos to this section of the site:
- 2014 Kansas City / Overland Park , KS

See you there!

Contest Room Photos

I've began to post photos of the models found in the contest room. You can view them by following this link:

2013 NNGC Contest Room

Jaime E. Zepeda 2012 - 2016